JK-Liang Middle East Summer Collection 2016

Now our collection has arrived and you gotta have to check them out. You see, most of the summer clothes are bright colors that normally something that is very strong in the eyes and catchy. Our collections however, are more of basics but vibrant. We want to go back to basic but we wanted it to be more on elegant, wearable clothing’s that is multi-functional.


DSC00573 (2) DSC00574 (2) DSC00578 (2) DSC00580 (2) DSC00567 (2) DSC00572 (2)

Bringing you the Middle East colors with Asian touch of design a fusion of both different cultures and the style that will make you more chic.



Perfect for outdoor activities like hanging out with friends, going to the mall, or having some coffee we think that this collections will be perfectly for you.

DSC00591 (2) DSC00593 (2) DSC00594 (2) DSC00595 (2)

Jumper is a kind of dress that is playful and you can wear it in any casual occasions. Although it never became a limelight on fashion but they’re cute and wearable by everyone.

DSC00587 (2) DSC00589 (2) DSC00590 (2)



During summer don’t forget to be involved with many sports activities. It’s one way to enjoy the summer season ladies. And so, we have this perfect dress for you.

DSC00596 (2) DSC00599 (2) DSC00601 (2)



DSC00584 (2) DSC00582 (2)




DSC00604 (2)

Ankle Stockings

DSC00606 (2)

These unique designs may bring new life for your summer. Enjoy!

*******************All are available but limited stocks only.*************************

DSC00609 (2) DSC00611 (2)




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